Canada Goose Women's Lightweight Down Jackets

In this blog post, I have selected the best down jackets of 2017 - 2018 which I would consider buying if I were to get a new one for my next backpacking or winter adventure. A down jacket is an essential piece of clothes when planning an overnight trip outdoors or during winter time. A down jacket keeps you much warmer compared to a fleece jacket.

Having a headlamp can be a life saver, and it’s a good idea to have one with you in your backpack especially during the winter.

Canada Goose men's Lightweight Down Jackets

Further, down jackets are designed for different activities or environments, e.g., urban or outdoor adventures like hiking, backpacking, climbing or snowshoeing.

Usually, I wear a fleece jacket as a mid-layer when I go hiking. When it get’s windy I pull on a wind jacket. If I sit around in my camp, I switch my fleece to a down jacket.

Moreover, I would rather carry a synthetic insulated jacket with me than a down jacket if I am planning to go hiking in damp or humid conditions as down may not insulate very well once it get’s wet.